Diamond Policy

This Diamonds Policy applies to users resident in the Asian Areas.

You must be at least 18 years old to collect Diamonds on the Platform.

This Diamonds Policy (“Diamonds Policy”) applies to users of the Platform that participate in incentive programs offered by HITHOT to incentivise users to interact with the Platform and to create high-quality, Original , Vertical , no watermark of any of other apps , engaging content on the Platform (“Programs”).

Users that participate in Programs can receive Diamonds from HITHOT (“Diamonds”). The Diamonds that HITHOT offers (such as Diamonds, discount vouchers or merchandise) depend on the Program. When Diamonds are in Diamonds, these Diamonds can be used to obtain money (see Section 5 below – “What can you do with

Diamonds?”). Other Diamonds (such as merchandise) cannot be used to obtain money from HITHOT, unless the Program Terms state otherwise.

The entities that jointly offer Programs to you are SingleMind Infotech LLP  (a company registered in India) . However SingleMind Infotech LLP  is solely responsible for any payment, financial or tax obligations in relation to Programs.

Your participation in Programs is governed by this Diamonds Policy and any Program-specific provisions provided to you (together with this Diamonds Policy, “Program Terms”). Our Terms of Service also apply to your participation in Programs in the same way as they apply to any other activities on the Platform, and our Privacy Policy describes how we process your personal data.

Capitalised terms not defined in this Diamonds Policy have the meanings given to them in our Terms of Service.

  1. Who is eligible to participate in a Program?

To participate in a Program and collect Diamonds you must:

Be located in the country or region set out in the applicable Program-specific provisions.

Meet any additional eligibility criteria for the Program, as set out in the relevant Program-specific provisions.

Be at least 18 years old.

Have an account on the Platform.

Have complied with all relevant obligations and not be in breach or suspected breach of the Program Terms, our Terms of Service, our Community Guidelines or any other applicable policies.

  1. How can you participate in a Program?

The relevant Program-specific provisions include information and instructions on how to participate.

  1. Termination and suspension

Termination or suspension of your access to a Program

We may investigate any suspected breach of the Program Terms, our Terms of Service or our Community

Guidelines. While we do so, we may suspend your access to some or all the features of the Program and to Diamonds, depending on the seriousness of the suspected breach.

We may temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate your access to a Program or access to Diamonds that you have collected if:

we determine, acting reasonably, that you are in material or repeated breach of the Program Terms, our Terms of Service or our Community Guidelines; we have objective grounds to reasonably believe that you are about to seriously breach these Program Terms, our Terms of Service or our Community Guidelines; we have objective grounds to reasonably believe that you have tampered with, or have attempted to tamper with, the process or the operation of a Program; or we are required to do so in response to a valid legal process or request.

If your participation in a Program is terminated for these reasons, we may, acting reasonably, deduct wholly or partially your Diamonds balance or otherwise not award any Diamonds. Where appropriate and legally permissible, we will tell you if we suspend or terminate your access to a Program. If you think we have made a mistake in suspending or terminating your access to a Program, then you can appeal by either following the instructions to appeal on the Community Guidelines violation notice (if applicable) .

Termination or suspension of a Program

We may partly or fully terminate or suspend a Program by giving you reasonable notice, including for the following:

there are changes in circumstances beyond our reasonable control; there are technical problems with a Program that cannot be resolved within a reasonable time; or where changes in relevant law, a court decision or a decision by a regulatory authority prohibits a Program in part or in full.

If we partly or fully terminate or suspend a Program for any of the above reasons, you may use the accrued

Diamonds or other Diamonds that you are entitled to under the Program Terms, unless prohibited from doing so by a court or regulatory authority.

Your withdrawal from a Program

You may end your participation in a Program at any time. If you do so, then, subject to the provisions of the Program Terms, you will be given an opportunity to use the accrued Diamonds or other Diamonds that you are entitled to under the Program Terms.

  1. How do you collect Diamonds?

Diamonds are intended to:

recognise the popularity and quality of content on the Platform; show appreciation to users for their contribution to the Platform; and thank users for their active participation on the Platform.

Different Diamonds apply to different Programs. Further information on collecting Diamonds is set out in the Program-specific provisions. Diamonds are not exchangeable or replaceable without our permission and you are fully responsible for all uses made of any Diamonds.

We may not award Diamonds, or we may deduct them from your account, if we reasonably believe that:

you have breached the Program Terms, our Terms of Service or our Community Guidelines; or your Diamonds have been obtained dishonestly.

We always do our best to ensure that we award you with the correct number and / or type of Diamonds. If, for any reason, a mistake is made when awarding a Diamond, we will contact you and correct the mistake as soon as we can.

Collecting Diamonds

Diamonds can be collected as Diamonds and used in accordance with the Program Terms. You can collect

Diamonds using certain core features of the Platform, such as Referral  , Shower of Diamonds , Giving Diamond as Gift or by participating in temporary campaigns (e.g. to promote new Platform functionalities or to celebrate an event). If Diamonds are available under a Program, this will be set out in the Program-specific provisions.

We award Diamonds as Diamonds to users based on the popularity of their content. Therefore, we take into account the Gifts sent by users to show appreciation for other users’ content when we award Diamonds, as Gifts are the key factor to assess the popularity of content on the Platform. We may also award Diamonds to users based on their contribution to the Platform, which may include, for example, the duration or frequency of their content (this will be made clear to you in the relevant Program-specific provisions). This does not always mean that a user will be able to obtain money for the Diamonds that they have collected, as minimum Diamond Payments apply (see Sections 5 and 6 below). This means that users will not have to collect a minimum number of Diamonds before they can trigger the Diamond Payment in accordance with Section 6 below. You can withdraw any amount of Diamond payment even if it is Rs.1 or Rs.5 or so on.

We may deduct Diamonds from your account if we reasonably believe that Gifts have been sent in breach of the Coins Policy, Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. We will, where appropriate, give you reasonable notice if we deduct Diamonds from your account for this reason.

  1. What can you do with Diamonds?

   If you participate in the Program that allows you to collect Diamonds, you can trigger payment of the monetary value given by HITHOT to those Diamonds by following the Diamond Payment Process as described below, which will initiate the payment of money to your external account (each a “Diamonds Payment”). For a Diamond Payment to take place, you must have registered for an account with a payment service provider and connected that account to your account on the Platform. 

Diamonds cannot be exchanged for Coins, Gifts, or other virtual items without our permission.

 Diamonds do not constitute property. We give you permission (called a licence) to collect Diamonds. This means that you have no right or title in Diamonds except as expressly stated in this Diamonds Policy.

You must not sell, assign or otherwise transfer Diamonds without our permission. Breaching this restriction may result in termination of your access to a Program and/or deduction of Diamonds.

The monetary value that HITHOT has given to Diamonds will be displayed to you before you initiate a Diamond Payment Process. The current Diamond to money conversion rates are on the Program-specific pages. We may change these rates upon reasonable advance notice.

   We may terminate, upon reasonable advance notice, the ability to use Diamonds to obtain a Diamond Payment with a valid reason (such as changes beyond our reasonable control, the implementation of a different business model or business strategy, or changes in the relevant law, a court decision or a decision by a regulatory authority).

   Transaction fees may be applied when we make a Diamond Payment to you. All transaction fees will be displayed to you before you initiate the Diamond Payment Process.

  1. How does the Diamond Payment Process work?

   To trigger a Diamond Payment for Diamonds, you must use one of the payment methods that we support in your region .The Diamond Payment will be sent to the external account you select in accordance with the rules of the payment method provider. We reserve the right to require this account to be registered in your own name.

   You must make sure that the information you provide is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You will be solely responsible for any consequences (e.g. lost, stolen or misdirected funds, or other harm) resulting from providing inaccurate or incomplete information.

   We may verify your payment information and eligibility to collect Diamonds or receive Diamond Payments, such as identity, age and location. If additional information is required, you agree to provide us with such information upon request.

There is not Daily minimum and maximum Diamond Payments limit. You can get any amount to your account.

We may, for security reasons and/or to maintain the integrity of your account, suspend your ability to use Diamonds to obtain a Diamond Payment. We will contact you if we have to do this. Where we need to make urgent changes for security, safety, legal or regulatory requirements, we may not be able to provide you with advance notice, but we will let you know as soon as we are able to. If you believe that we have made an error by suspending your ability to use Diamonds to obtain a Diamond Payment, then please contact us Support@hithot.live

We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by payment method providers, provided it is not as a result of our actions.

All Diamond Payments will be inclusive of tax (if applicable). If you are subject to any taxes on Diamonds, you will be responsible for the payment of such taxes.

There is no charge for participation in a Program, but we may deduct from any money obtained through a

Diamond Payment the cost incurred by us in processing the Diamond Payment.

  1. Profile Booster Program

Now you can boost your profile and get followers too but you must have to follow below terms & conditions to get maximum benefit of this program.

Package Cost

Validity (In Days)

Estimated Followers



8K to 12K



5K to 7K






1K to 2K

  1. Video must in HD quality & in Vertical format (1080*1920 or 720*1280)
  2. Content should be original & Exclusive not published on other competitor Apps.
  3. Video must not contain watermark of any other App.
  4. Video must not content other app promotions.

If you follow above terms then only you can avail for below benefits

  1. Your video under Discover Feed.
  2. Your video will be promoted on all over our social handles and boosted too.
  3. Your video will on trending in HITHOT.
  4. Changes to a Program

We may alter or change a Program at any time for legal, regulatory or business reasons. These changes may include who can participate in a Program, how Diamonds are collected or used (for example, we may terminate the ability to use Diamonds to obtain a Diamond Payment). If we do so, we will provide you with reasonable advance notice before any such changes come into effect. Within this notice period, you will be able to continue to use the Program under the then current terms. If you do not agree with the proposed changes, you can withdraw from the Program before the changes come into effect.

  1. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us  Support@hithot.live